PEMF Frequently Asked Questions


What experience is there with PEMF?

Electromagnetic therapy has been extensively used in clinical trials worldwide. PEMF therapy represents a non-invasive, safe and promising treatment with a very high success rate.


Clinical data shows the benefits of PEMF on a large variety of biological systems. Electromagnetic devices have been demonstrated to positively affect the healing processes in various conditions. Results have been validated by many double blind clinical trials.

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What is Electromagnetism?

One of the most important concepts in physical science, electromagnetism is the interaction of electrical and magnetic effects. An electromagnet consists of an electrical wire wrapped around a piece of soft iron. When an electric current flows through the wire, it produces a magnetic field around the wire and the iron is magnetized. The greater the current, the stronger the magnetic field. By coiling up the wire many times, the magnetic field produced becomes stronger.


What does Lorentz force have to do with PEMF?

Electricity and magnetism are interrelated in many ways. They are manifestations of the same fundamental physical concepts. Maxwell equations show the relation between electricity and magnetism. The combined effects of electrical and magnetic fields, is called Lorentz force. As result of induced Lorentz force pulsing electromagnetism will produce electricity in cells and this is the basis for Pulsing Electromagnetic Field Therapy. 


Electricity within the human body?

It is long known that there is electricity in our bodies: electrocardiogram (ECG), electroencephalogram (EEG) and electromyogram (EMG). The piezoelectric effect in bone was demonstrated in 1957 by Fukada and Yasuda; a physicist and an orthopaedic surgeon in Japan. The combined effects of electric and magnetic force create pulsing electromagnetic fields that induce electrical changes on a cellular level.


How does PEMF influence oxygen levels within cells?

The pulsing electromagnetic fields have to be strong enough in order to penetrate deep inside the body. PEMF stimulates blood supply and increases membrane cell potential. This results in increased oxygenation and nutrients supply, while disposing of waste materials and toxins.


How do I know that oxygen levels increase within my body?

Thermography evaluation measures body heat using infrared technology. Scans completed after PEMF treatment show clear differences in color distribution compared to scans done before PEMF treatment. Increased perfusion results in increased oxygen supply.


What causes pain in joints?

Certain conditions such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and aging processes affect the body’s natural ability to replace cartilage and bone. When the cartilage between our bones wears out, bones grinding against each other cause pain and inflammation.


How does PEMF reduce pain in joints?

By inducing electrical changes in the cells, PEMF improves cell regeneration and oxygenation. Increased blood supply transports calcium and nutrients, stimulating cartilage repair while decreasing  pain.

How does PEMF relieve back pain?

Chronic pain is associated with disturbances in blood supply and circulation. PEMF recharges cells due to improved blood supply and oxygenation. The cells are regenerated and calcium transport and absorption in the bones is improved. PEMF is especially effective for treatment of osteoporosis and fracture healing by increasing bone density. Bone regeneration reduces pain associated with micro fractures.