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Curatron PEMF for fractures & wounds

Fractures are often caused by a trauma to the bone like a fall or a traffic accident. Another common cause is osteoporosis, or stress fractures in athletes from overuse. When a bone is fractured, blood supply carries nutrients to the damaged area, resulting in the forming of new bone tissue.


In some cases, the bone does not heal properly, resulting in a non-union fracture. If blood supply to the affected area is insufficient, new tissue will not form and the bone will not heal.

A fracture that does not show signs of healing for three months is assumed to be a non-union. These fractures often continue to cause pain for a long time.

In a healthy body, tissues regenerate naturally. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy penetrates deep inside cells and bone, minimizing the healing period. When a bone does not heal properly it is mostly due to poor blood circulation to the area. PEMF improves blood circulation and stimulates tissue regeneration.

Applying Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields to a fracture, especially a non-union, will stimulate the production of nutrients necessary for the healing process, e.g. calcium. PEMF improves blood supply to the areaand reduces pain. The Curatron PEMF system can also be used with a cast, in order to encourage the body's natural ability to heal the bone. PEMF therapy is a natural and non-invasive option of treating a fractures while reducing pain.

PEMF has also been shown to be helpful in cases of chronic wounds and ulcers. PEMF therapy influences repair processes at a cellular level. It reduces oedema and promoted the forming of new blood vessels which carry oxygen and nutrients to the damaged area. In addition, increased collagen production accelerates wound healing.


X-ray of a 35 year old man after a motorcycle accident, before Curatron PEMF therapy:

Fractured leg before Curatron PEMF therapy
Fractured leg after surgery before Curatron PEMF therapy

The leg was crushed between his motorcycle and a heavy truck, and his leg was badly fractured in a few places. The image on the right shows the repositioning of the bone fragments with metal plates and screws. 

After the bone was repositioned, he began using the Curatron system daily. After just a few weeks his leg function improved remarkably, reducing pain dramatically. With the continued use of the Curatron system he was able to walk again after a short time. 

X-rays taken a couple of months after surgery and Curatron PEMF treatment show the healed bone:

Fractured leg after Curatron PEMF therapy
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