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Curatron PEMF for avascular necrosis

What is Avascular necrosis?


Avascular necrosis is a result of interruption of blood supply to the bone, leading to bone death. The bone loses its strength, tiny breaks appear, and eventually the bone is not able to support the skeleton. This results in poor bone density and severe pain. 

Dislocation or trauma to the bone can cause disturbances in blood supply to the area. This is especially common in hip dislocations. Steroid use and excessive alcohol have also been linked to increased risk of developing avascular necrosis.

We received the following MRIs from a pharmacist who suffered from severe femoral avascular necrosis at both sides as a result of diabetes. He was suffering from pain and had great difficulty walking.

Before Curatron PEMF treatment:

Avascular Necrosis before Curatron PEMF

The MRI showed serious problems, in a while he would end up in a wheelchair. Both femurs were already in such a poor shape, so that hip replacements would have been very problematic if possible at all.

He purchased a Curatron XP PEMF system with a high energy coil and treated himself daily for half an hour.

His second MRI, after 4 months of Curatron therapy, showed a substantial improvement of bone density in the affected areas.

MRIs after 4 months of Curatron PEMF treatment:

Avascular Necrosis after Curatron PEMF
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